PMB-100 Road Case Mirror Booth Premium Package
PMB-100 Road Case Mirror Booth Premium Package

PMB-100 Road Case Mirror Booth Premium Package

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The Premium package is great for those who want everything to start printing. All you need is a backdrop or enclosure. The PMB-100 Mirror Booth Premium Package is equipped with:

✅ US Made Mirror Booth Shell
✅ IR Touch
✅ 2 Way Tempered Glass
✅ LED Monitor
✅ Detachable Gold Frame
✅ Photo Booth Software
✅ Core i5 Windows Mini PC
✅ Strobe Flash with Umbrella
✅ Canon T7 Camera
✅ Printer Soft Bag
✅ Fujifilm Printer (FUJI ASK-300)
✅ 4x6 Print Kit, 2 Rolls, 800 Total Prints
✅ Free 5 Page Mirror Booth Website, 1 Year Domain, 1 Month Free Hosting

    All mirror booth settings and animations are prepared by our staff before delivery or pick up. Personal 1 on 1 training (approximately 1 hour), 1 Year Warranty, and 24/7 support.



    Fast Print Speed: 4"x6" prints produced in only 12.3 seconds
    Portable and compact: A compact and easy transport printer gives you more prints in less time with less space
    High-Quality Prints: Produce quality, durable prints on a variety of media
    Affordable: Dye-sublimation technology ensures fixed print costs no matter what your image
    Versatile: One printer can produce 2"x6", 3.5"x5", 4"x6", 5"7" and 6"x8" prints
    Easy Operation: Replacement of paper and ink ribbons is simple and fast


    55" MODEL WEIGHT: 94 LBS

    55" MODEL DIMENSIONS: 55" x 32" x 25"


    65" MODEL WEIGHT: 111 LBS

    65" MODEL DIMENSIONS: 63" x 38" x 29"


    Javi Grignon

    Excellent condition and arrived before the indicated date, thank you

    Anne Drouin

    I received my 360 booth very fast. It was heavy, but I actually like that it's a durable machine. I've used the booth with no problems.

    Victor Collin

    The customer service it A+! They were extremely patient and kind and I would surely recommend their product and services Again, to you and your team. Thank you!

    Jules Barbosa

    The company is very responsive.

    Dolores Quintana

    I enjoyed the emojis and the signature feature of the mirror photo booth. It indeed added fun to the already entertaining piece of equipment. Having this kind of photo booth is worth every penny that I spent. Additionally, I had the best buying experience thanks to the accommodating owner that doesn't gets tired of answering my questions. The entire team is also very helpful during the installation.

    Maurelle Goncalves

    I would highly recommend you buy this mirror photo booth if you are looking for one. Customer service and support are extremely good!

    Theresa Claire Hamlin

    Thanks to the mirror photo booth I bought from you guys my sister's wedding was a blast. We never thought that the photo booth will become the center of attraction that even the bride and the groom couldn't stop taking their couple pics in it. The guests couldn't stop laughing while using it. It was really fun. I also recommended your site to those who asked where I bought the mirror from.

    Edward Mobley

    My mirror photo booth is the most in demand photo booth rental today. Thanks to the customer service of this site that is very prompt in inquiries. They indeed know what they are selling as they discuss Each of the mirror booth's benefits which helped me decide to buy it or not. The equipment is undoubtedly very entertaining. I am so happy that I already got my ROI from my first mirror booth purchase. I will definitely order another set of mirror photo booth from this seller.

    Daniel Jaeger

    The mirror photo booth I ordered from this site arrived late. I was expecting to be at my doorstep on the date they declared however it arrived after 2 days from schedule. However, the seller is very accommodating and so patience with me even though I am starting to get frustrated. They explained the situation very well and I appreciated that. I also love how careful they are with the equipment by ensuring the packaging is secure. Thank you for your understanding guys and will definitely order again from you.

    Riley Lemann

    Thank you again seller for a great product. You never failed me. This is my second purchase from this seller. The first photo booth I ordered was the Circa DIY package and now I am loving the PMB-100 photo booth. I know how hard to ensure that this purchase is secure that no damage will occur so I commend you guys for doing a great job!

    Melanie Fisher

    This seller is highly recommended. I already got my starter package of PMB-100 photo booth and the transaction was quick and smooth. The entire team was so friendly which is why they are my new favorite photo booth provider. If you are looking for mirror photo booth of all size and shapes, you will never go wrong with this seller. Two thumbs up!

    Daniel McGill

    Follow the directions, easy to assemble, totally worth the money.

    Andrea Herrmann

    Five stars for this seller. I just got the delivery and I love it! It exceeded my expectations plus the seller is hands on in giving advices and assisting customers. Thank you so much for the seamless process and for securing the photo booth. Looking forward to our next transaction.

    Tim Schulz

    It is my first time buying a photo booth online and what makes it worse is I am ordering a MIRROR photo booth online. I particularly ordered the Edge Mirror photo booth and as you can see, it is so fragile. At the beginning I was very nervous thinking that the item will be damaged from transportation. But I am very glad that I received the photo booth today in a superb condition. The booth is well-packed. Because of my wonderful experience with this seller I highly recommend them to every one who are looking for mirror photo booth online. I will definitely order more from this seller.

    Jane Ziegler

    The mirror photo booth I ordered from this seller arrived very late. It made me anxious because I thought it will never make it on time of the event. Good thing that the seller is very professional and provided me with feedbacks even before I asked them. the They assured me that the product will arrive before the event and explained to me what had gone wrong and it put me to ease. And true enough, the photo booth arrived two days before my daughter's debut and the staff helped us with the setup.

    Patrick Sean Loewe

    Thank you so much for your wonderful products. As always, you never failed to impress me. I highly recommend this seller as they are best I transacted with so far. I am now planning to acquire the circa DIY mirror photo booth on my next order. Looking forward to more transactions with you. Keep up the good work.

    Felix Leon

    If you are looking for the best type of photo booth to start your photo booth rental business or install in your event, The PMB-100 is the one to go. Additionally, if you are looking for a seller of the said photo booth, this site is the best. I am one of their satisfied customer that keeps on coming back to their site not only for the booth itself but also for the accessories.

    Justin Ralph Clowes

    I already owned quite a collection of photo booths for my rentals. I noticed lately that some of my clients are not interested in renting my existing photo booths. I think that they became bored from renting the same photo booth over and over again. However, when I started incorporating other types of photo booths in my rental business, especially the mirror photo booth, my clients loved it. They say it is exciting, new and fun. So, my business is now starting to get busy again and thanks for the fast delivery from this seller.

    Alyssa Reed

    Thanks to this seller I ordered the best type of photo booth for my wedding. I almost didn't push through with this idea because I got confused on what type of photo booth to choose. However, I am so lucky to land on this seller who provided me with a helping hand. They advised me to go with the mirror booth as it is the new trend in weddings and is super fun. I chose the PMB-100 mirror booth since it is the type of mirror photo booth I saw when I did my research. And it was a good decision. My photo booth became one of the focal points of my wedding and the guests had fun because of it. Thank you again for taking such a heavy weight off my shoulder and I will recommend you to my friends and family.

    Levi Welborn

    The mirror photo booth that I bought in this site is the best booth I encountered. I love the fact that the mirror acts as a huge touchscreen. Thanks to this site I discovered this awesome mirror photo booth. I can prepare the best pose I have for a better image through looking at the mirror itself. The mirror photo booth really add fun to my event!

    Daniel McGill

    Follow the directions, easy to assemble, totally worth the money.

    Jesse Atkins

    The product was safely secured, sturdy, easy to use and assemble. Overall, very excited to get this product out into the market.

    Alana Hunt

    The mirror photo booth was the perfect add-on to my company's party. It was easy to use and the photos came out great! Would definitely recommend this company.

    Maurelle Goncalves

    The interactive features of the mirror photo booth were a hit at my wedding. Guests enjoyed taking selfies and group shots. I highly recommend it!

    Aiden Vonwiller

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    Aline Costa

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